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Mid Year Review: 2016


I, like most humans love a little bit of reflection... Sometimes it helps you put things into perspective, reveals your strengths and shows you just how far you've come - or simultaneously where you would like to go

This is something I posted on Facebook notes earlier on in this year and it showed me just how much my goals have changed within 6 months.


Albeit some dramas early on this year, 2016 has already proved to be a kinder year than 2015. Or maybe its all in my mindset?
Although I complained about being in 6 different houses during the span of 2015, I racked up a total of 3 houses by early February this year. Although this insane movement settled by mid-February, I have managed to stay in the one house for the greater part of this year, minus a 3- week house-sitting stint.

Although I haven't felt that alone or empty, there still has been a general unhappiness in certain areas of my life - and I'm continuing my quest for mental and physical health clarity.
My main area of concern was with my mode of transportation and the monetary losses associated. I went for almost two months with/without a car, and even on the days I did drive it I was fearful and paranoid for anymore dramas to rear their ugly heads. Luckily, by the end of June I was able to fix/sell my old bomb, and purchase a much newer less-risky beast.

I have also had some minor issues with contact-ability, and struggled with Telstra/Samsung for just over six months. Until I went to the Ombudsman who forced the parties into a resolution. Subsequently, I was able to get a brand new phone with the remaining costs on the previous handset waived. You see, hard-work and determination does pay off - especially when you are provided with a product that doesn't fulfill its main purpose.

This year, I have also had a lot of emotions surrounding my idea of likability. I feel quite estranged in the desert, and I often find myself doubting my abilities and worth. Which leads me onto the work that I have been doing in regards to my chronic Over-thinking...


Overthinking is a curse and one that I have struggled with for the most-part of my life

*Stop trying to read peoples minds - If someone looks at you oddly, it may not mean that they think you look ridiculous. We have absolutely no idea what others are thinking, so it safest to just assume the best

*Stop with the self-blame. Throw out all of the should've & could'ves. Be Kind to yourself above all others

*Keep your body and mind occupied. Its not easy to over-think things when you are mentally or physically drained, and a good sweat is healthy in more ways than one.

*There isn't an all or nothing approach. Just because someone doesn't respond the way that you wanted them to, doesn't mean that they dont care or dont feel that way.

*Don't dwell in the past, but STOP trying to predict the future too! Just quit the control, life has a funny way of working itself out. Just let it do its things, and learn to enjoy the moments and memories that you have

*Don't be afraid of anything - especially of the answers that you dont want to hear. Sometimes its better to bite the bullet, than to mull in self-pity

*Learn to appreciate silence. Over-analyzing every last detail just leaves you fatigued and doesn't provide you with any form of result with true merit

*Keep your attention on the right things. If you predominately worry and stress over the minute details, then you can miss some real moments of beauty. Appreciate the here and now, and just how wonderful life really is


Regardless, of all the petty dramas thus far. I have never felt so whole for many many years. I now know that I have the strength to work through any adversity that I face, and I know that in some circumstances that I deserve to be treated better. I have so much to look forward to in life, promotions; potential pay-rises; new car; new phone; holidays; and new relationships.

Over the next few months as 2016 comes to a close I intend on saving some dollars, research into house/land purchasing, plan my next big trip, and implement more and more coping strategies for my mental health.

I set goals, and I achieve them - As I learn to better 'adult' whilst still addressing my inner child.