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30 Before 30

30 Before 30

A Bucket List is defined as ‘is a list of things to do before you die (or “kick the bucket”)’. It should be comprised of things that you want to do, or would love to do.

I always hear about the importance of accountability in goal setting – especially if you are familiar with the acronym S.M.A.R.T. If you make your list public, or give it to a few specific friends, you have people to hold you accountable, you are much more likely to accomplish your goals.

It seems like a small thing, but honestly it works. Announcing your intentions to the world makes you want to actually follow through with them, and assists you in setting in motion things that you need to organise to realise your goals.

There are a few variants of this list now, including the ’30 before 30’ and in essence instead of the ‘kick the bucket’ is just a list of Thirty things that you would love to do before you turn ‘the dirty’ Thirty.

Heres mine for some inspiration…

1.  Skydive (could happen very soon, if I don’t back out again)

2. Run a marathon (ok… lets check this one off already)

3. Swim with Sharks (not in an aquarium – cage diving with Great Whites at Port Lincoln yes pls!)

4. Start/finish an educational course (was thinking along the lines of a Certificate via online MOOC modules on Coursera)

5. Buy stocks (and hopefully become cluey enough to invest and trade them?)

6. Learn a Language – (better than at a Basic level – conversational would be excellent)

7. Do a Rogaining competition

8. Attempt a World Record

9. Collect and collate my family history

10. Publish and write an e-book

11. Walk a trail (was thinking of the Kep, Bibbulmen or Cape to Cape trails)

12. Foot on each inhabited continent (need to pick up Africa, South and North America)

13. Take up a hobby – (was thinking of brewing my own beer or cider)

14.  See an Aurora (Tassie – let’s go!)

15. Learn to meditate and practice Yoga

16. Conquer a fear ( I have to think about this one…)

17. Form a political opinion

18. Start a collection

19. Volunteer for a cause

20. Fly business class

21. Cuddle a sloth

22. Name a star through NASA

23. Adopt/Sponsor an endangered species of animal

24. Attend a major event

25. Spend a weekend without my phone (think every millennial requires this..)

26. Break a bad habit (I’ve been ready to give up biting my finger nails for years)

27. Read the Bible

28. Get my bike license



As you can see, I am still missing a few. But this list like most goals will gain greater definition and clarity and the next two years go along.

Fingers crossed, and keep me accountable for this…

What are your 30 Before 30?