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What's your peacock feather?

There are plenty of signs of universal communication out there, however, are we looking and being mindfully present? Are we listening and tuning in? And are we metamorphically ‘woke’?
What's your peacock feather?

You may be thinking – what an odd title?! And rightly so…I used to be far more in tune with my spiritual side, however as the hustle and bustle of life ensued, I became side-tracked with incessant ‘doing’, rather than my own ‘being’. On my healing journey I am coming back to the spiritual aspect of myself, and aiming to reconnect with both my ‘self’ and the universe at large. We are stardust, after all, we are made up of the same atoms, molecules and quarks as that in the centre of the stars. I have always felt at one with nature, happiest outdoors, and I am ‘The Gaia Girl’ for that same reason. I also believe that the universe has its way of communicating with us, and it’s not in our audible and known sense.  I believe it is often trying to get our attention in less conventional ways.  It tries to guide us, connect with us, and wake us up. To bring us back to being human ‘beings’.

There are plenty of signs of universal communication out there, however, are we looking and being mindfully present? Are we listening and tuning in? And are we metamorphically ‘woke’? How many times do you wish you had a sign for what direction you should take in life? How many times have you asked the universe and higher beings for an answer, but then didn’t know how to receive the correspondence? How often do you also feel alone and unsupported in life? When you learn how to tune in to how the universe is communicating with you, life becomes a lot less confusing, and you start to feel a lot more aligned and connected – not only within yourself but with all external influences too.

We all live in a physical world, so therefore we experience physical limitations as a result.  The physical limitations don’t exactly allow for spiritual guidance to tap you on the shoulder and delineate queries such as “yes, I think you should take that job,” therefore, we need to pay attention to the more subtle ways the Universe sends us messages. The key here, from my experience, is to slow the fuck down, as in overall just live life at a slower and more mindful pace. Being as present as possible so that you can tune into whatever sign shows up in your life. If you’re constantly stuck in your head worrying, overthinking, over-analyzing, rushing and being busy, then you will never realize when the universe is trying to get your attention. You will miss all the cues…  You have to be present, open, and willing to receive answers, however first this takes some degree of awareness.

I believe that some of the ways how the Universal Spirit communicates with us, can include:

1. Through people

The Universe has a way of using people as vehicles to carry out certain messages when required. This can be through meeting a random person who perhaps tells you something or does something that sparks something intuitively known within you, or offers you an opportunity, even getting a text or phone call from someone, or hearing a message on the radio, or simply just overhearing a conversation. There's an age-old adage going around and I’m sure many of my readers are familiar with it ‘People come into your life for a season or a reason’, and I couldn’t more wholeheartedly agree. For a real-life example, I often run into this one lady when I’m in an incredibly bad space and she manages to snap me right out of my shit with her bubbly personality and soothing aura – there is some universal intervention right there. Or as in my experience, the dream job on paper may indeed not be the “grass is greener” type scenario as expected as one of your new colleagues may be unbearable – this was a key indicator for me to move on regardless.

2.  Strange odd coincidences

For example, you are driving to work and see a child with a red balloon, then you get to work and someone got your coworker red balloons for her birthday, then as you drive home you see another red balloon on an “open house” sign.  Coincidence? I think not. What on earth does that red balloon even mean? This is when Dr Google is a useful tool, however, keep your mind open towards receiving the true message which generally is an intuitive deep sense of ‘self’ knowing.

3.  Numbers

Seeing a certain pattern or sequence of numbers such as on license plates, or coming across the same number or number patterns such as in an address or phone number, or seeing the time 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 12:34, etc., can all have hidden meanings. For instance, if you’re seeing repeating numbers such as 1111, 333, 444, 555, etc. those are all signs from the universe that you’re on the right path.  Each number sequence can also have more specific meanings if you analyze what the numbers mean in numerology. You can also see random numbers that mean something special to you like your favourite number, lucky number or your birthday.  I personally, regardless of if morning or late evening always manage to check the clock or my phone at 11:11, even if at night I’d been previously asleep I can randomly awake at this time. And I love the number 7, it shows up for me in positive moments more often than not.

4.  Songs

Have you ever noticed a random song pop into your head? Or a certain song comes on the radio, right when you required it? Or overhearing a certain set of lyrics from someone else’s radio – that deeply resonate with your psyche?  When these things are random and you feel a deeper connection to the noises you are hearing, it's probably something in your life worth exploring in more detail. Pay attention to the specific lyrics that you hear as there can be a message in there for you – subliminal or not. If it’s a familiar song such as your wedding song, a song that reminds you of a vacation, or a song that you used to like in high school, then interpret the meaning of the sign from that perspective. I find certain lyrics and songs, specifically reflect some time in my life and help to remind me of where I’ve been, the present and where I am headed.

5.  Random thoughts

You may have a thought pop into your head out of nowhere. This can be a random idea, a solution to a problem, or something you feel inspired to do.  Pay attention to this and see what it can mean for you, especially if it is seemingly unrelated to your current life situation. The random thought that comes from deep within, is internal guidance or processing of a realisation. For example, if a random thought pops into your head "I wonder how my brother is doing," that is probably a sign that you should call your brother as he probably needs your love and support right now.  Or if you are reminded randomly of an old colleague by sight, sound, or coincidental memory then maybe you should initiate some form of contact.

6.  Word or a physical sign

A universal sign can also be quite literally a sign with words or pictures on it. Like a road sign, billboard, or Instagram post trying to tell you a message.  For example, there have been specific times in my life when I’ve been in a dark place and I’ve seen a post on Instagram saying “the darkest hour is just before dawn,” I would take that as a sign to trust that everything’s going to be better soon. Or if you see a billboard with a palm tree on it saying “it’s time for a vacation” right after contemplating whether or not you should take a break from work, I would take that as a sign to take a break. Get on a damn plane, leave and never come back… Or maybe (and this happens so much for me) you see a road sign that says “slow down” and for some reason, it resonates with you deeply at that moment, that can be a sign that you need to slow down in life and be more present.

7. Dreams

Messages, guidance, and answers can come to us through our dreams. Did you have an intense dream that felt super real? Who did you meet? What did they say? What happened? How did you feel? What insights did you gain? Do you keep having the same dreams over and over again?  What are they about?  Are you seeing the same person all the time, visiting the same places, having the same types of experiences? Look into the “meaning of dreams” to see what it can mean. Do you keep having nightmares? What are they about? Maybe it’s based on a deeper fear that you have that needs to be healed. Do you often dream about a certain time in your life or being with certain people from your past? What does this mean for you? Is there an unresolved issue there that needs to be addressed? We all dream, what do they mean for you -  in particular. *Nightmares are not about PTSD type flashbacks either, a whole different kettle of fish.

8.  Symbols from nature

Colours, flowers, animals, feathers, rocks, and crystals all have certain meanings.  Pay attention to what you see, what you come into contact with, what keeps reappearing in your life, and what you’re drawn to. For example, hawks represent increased spiritual awareness and a time to fly high, the colour red represents security, stability and good fortune – especially in Chinese culture, and a feather falling on your lap is a "hello" from the universe and a sign that your angels are near. For example, in recent months I have happened across a variety of feathers from different species almost every time I go for a walk. It's bizarre, however, I am going to run with it. *Please read the last paragraph for a deeper explanation of why feathers in particular are of high importance for me.

9.  Deep feeling or knowing

When you feel like “this is right” or “something is off” or “every part of me wants to do this,” that’s a clear sign from the universe. Also, when you hear a message or read something in a book that deeply resonates with you and you don’t know why but it feels right and it feels true, that is your inner truth being awakened. There is a deep truth within us that is connected to Universal Truth, and when you hear this Truth, it starts to awaken something deep within you which makes you feel attracted to it.  Pay attention to this and follow it! We all too often suppress our deep knowing and intuition – and if you aren’t listening to the messages coming from within are you truly being true to yourself?

10.  Objects

The universe can communicate with you through objects such as when you find something you’ve been looking for, when objects fall off shelves or out of cabinets, or when you come across an object that triggers something from the past, supports a new idea you have or acts as an answer to a question.  For example, someone gives you a book on financial freedom just as you decide to get out of debt, and no not the Barefoot Investor book that every Tom, Dick and Harry savvy financier now owns and preaches wurd by.  Or for example, you’re taking a walk in nature and you see a random baby toy on the ground.  Or you find a picture of your sister who you haven't talked to for years. Or a random book falls off of a bookshelf at the bookstore.  These are all ways that the Universe is trying to land something within you, it's up to you to figure out what that is.

11.  Technological malfunctions or failures

Maybe your internet goes out, there’s no service or Wi-Fi, your text message doesn’t want to send, your computer shuts off, your movie won’t load, or your TV isn’t working.  These signs could be interpreted in different ways. For example, if you have no service but want to send an email, perhaps it's the universe's way of telling you it's not the right time to be working and that you should be enjoying the present moment.  When a text message doesn’t want to send, maybe it’s a sign that you shouldn’t send the message or that you should rethink/reword what you wrote.  If your TV isn't working, maybe it's a sign you watch too much TV. In 2021, and I don’t believe this has anything to do with a fuckin’ Mercury Retrograde I legitimately had every piece of tech that I own fail on me in the one week. So I went within and cut myself off… to allow myself and in particular my inundated mind some peace and space to heal.

12.  Issues in your body

Physical pain, symptoms, ailments, and diseases are all ways that the universe communicates to you that there is something wrong.  Your lifestyle and habits can be causing a problem such as pain in your back from sitting too much.  This can be a sign that you need to change your lifestyle and start being more active. However, illnesses can also have spiritual causes that manifest as physical ailments.  For example, you can develop a rash from “itching to get out” of a situation or relationship you don’t enjoy being in. It’s wise to explore both lifestyle AND spiritual and emotional causes of a certain symptom so that you can get to the bottom of what’s creating it.  Many times when you heal the emotional aspect, the physical symptom naturally goes away – mind fucking blown. Body wisdom is huge for me and I’m learning to pay more attention to what I am feeling in myself. I push myself to all aspects of extreme physically, and this has often manifested in significant immobile injuries… stop running away from your shit Sarah and sit and let it hit ya!

13.  Setbacks, roadblocks, detours, and delays

When out of nowhere your flight gets delayed, your interview gets cancelled, you get sick, etc., life might be trying to nudge you in a different direction. These things are usually beyond our control so it’s best not to fight or resist it, but to accept it and take it as a sign.  The universe might be doing damage control to reposition you on the right path.  It can also be a sign that your energy is low vibrational and creating these setbacks, so you need to shift your energy and change your mindset to align with a higher vibration.

“Be thankful for closed doors, detours, and roadblocks. They protect you from paths and places not meant for you.” Suzanne Heyn

14.  Everything is falling apart

There are times in life when it seems like everything is falling apart and just when you thought life couldn’t get worse, it does.  Your car breaks down, your roof starts leaking, you lose your job, your kid gets in a fight, your partner breaks up with you, or someone you love dies. Often when everything in our life falls apart, it’s an invitation to learn to let go and to learn to detach from the world of form. It’s an opportunity to awaken. It’s also a great opportunity to rethink and re-evaluate how we have been living our lives, see what needs to change, and start fresh in a way that aligns with who we truly are.

15.  Everything in your life is aligning

This is the opposite of everything falling apart, and here you’re feeling inspired, feeling good, you’re in the zone, opportunities are showing up left and right, your desires are manifesting, you’re feeling connected and aligned, things just work out somehow, and there’s a sense of flow in your life.  This is a beautiful sign that you are aligned with your truth and that you’re on the right path. Keep it vibing high, and allow yourself to go with the uncontrolled flow of goodness coming your way

And a little snippet from my life for you, with some context. At the end of 2020, I was dealing with some fairly significant trauma and also in a significant relapse of both my physical and mental health. On one day, I was spent, everything had become all too hard and I was done with the numbness of feeling stuck, out of control and so utterly exhausted. I decided to go for a 3-hour manic walk... and for anyone who knows me personally or brief components of some of my struggles that I have been vulnerable enough to share would know that excessive exercise is my vice and a maladaptive coping mechanism. Despite it being seemingly a healthy feat for most others. During my walk (It was about 38 degrees too) I happened across an Aveley Peacock feather. For those that don't know Aveley and the area in which I live, we have a population of about 30 peacocks living in the local wetland. And for the last 4.5 years that I have lived within the area, I have always wished to find a feather. They are a hot commodity, so if you find one you are blessed.

I was so taken aback that I sat down and quit my relentless walking (this behaviour is self-destructive for me, especially if in a dark place and suicidal) and laid down on the grass. I broke, and wondered if the universe had sent me a sign to hang on... so I asked "Universe, was I meant to receive this feather?" And another four appeared in quick succession. I cried I sobbed, I wept… and then I stood up. My darkness lifted, and I became aware of the beauty and colour of the feathers. The shape of them, the beautiful eyepiece and the softness of them against my skin as I held them. And I believe that maybe that sign of the peacock feathers on that day was enough to rescue me and forevermore as I think back to that moment. I believe that the smallest things can have the greatest impact - and by doing so astoundingly redirect the course trajectory of both your life and your present reality. This was my momentary butterfly effect and I'm glad it happened... because I can't think of the latter.

I've continued to keep fighting and battling my demons daily because I have to... because I deserve to be here and to be happy. And I'd like to think I make the world a slightly nicer place to exist in, I’ve now too reminded myself of this change by getting a half back tattoo piece with a Phoenix and particularly a central tailpiece of a peacock feather. That’s my symbology and some of my ‘why’….

Sending love and light, and Universal intervention when we all most require it.