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Candvent in July

I love a good craft beer Don't mind a review... especially when dealing with the Beer Cartel Adult Candvent calendars Have been struggling to draw a straight line at the moment So no matter how late, here is still my recap of how I enjoyed my journey.
Candvent in July

So this is super late, however as many of you personally know -
1. I love a good craft beer
2. Don't mind a review... especially when dealing with the Beer Cartel Adult Candvent calendars
3. Have been struggling to draw a straight line at the moment

So no matter how late, here is still my recap of how I enjoyed my journey.

**SS - Sarah Star's is the descriptor rating (err... with a personal bias) and it a ranked out of 5 stars.
With 5 = Supreme liquid goodness
         1 = Wash my mouth out with soap

Day 1 - Mountain Culture DDH IPA Snowflake - Katoomba NSW
6% ABV - N/A IBU
It's a stout season (winter), but this number is crisp. It's tasty, refreshing, and fruity, definitely not seasonal, but yes it is.... at the same time. Same wholesomeness as a warm bowl of your favourite soup.
SS - 3.5/5

Day 2 - Garage Project Nope Rope IPA - Wellington, NZ
7.6% ABV - N/A IBU
OK for an IPA, earthy and full-bodied. So much goodness coming out of Wellington at the moment - especially from Garage Project. Naught too much excitement, but laughed the continued dislike of snakes, from our friends across the ditch.
SS - 3/5

Day 3 - Akasha Project - Romeo Juliet Double IPA - Five Dock NSW
8% ABV - N/A IBU
Soft, smooth, and sultry - just like its tragic romantic namesake. Pretty standard for a DIPA, a bit hazy and strong on the citrusy flavours.
SS - 3.5/5

Day 4 - Grifter Demon Lungs Smoked Porter - Marrickville NSW
5.6% ABV - N/A IBU
Almost like drinking an ashtray... can't even... literally...
I usually love a Porter, sad faces all around.
SS - 1/5

Day 5- Modus Operandi - Barry White Beaches Brewed
4.5% ABV - N/A IBU
Not a fan of WitBier, not a fan of this. Not to let my personal bias stop you, I'm sure it's a goodin for Belgian WitBier type lovers.
SS - 2/5

Day 6  - Vic & Petes Bodacious Nitro Pale Batch
5.3% ABV - N/A IBU
Well balanced, and smooth. Great mouthfeel like all Nitro's - nothing too exciting! Clear and crisp with a good wholesome mouthfeel.
SS - 3.5/5

Day 7 - Royal Park Little Ripa Rye IPA
4.7% ABV - 28 IBU
Very very smooth, with a good malty body and notes of caramel coming through. Didn't know what to expect from a Rye IPA - but was a great success. You little RIPA!
SS - 4/5

Day 8 - Revel Lemonade Sour
4.5% ABV - N/A IBU
Like drinking a sour Solo soft drink and I like it. Most definitely a 'thirst crusher' on a hot summer's day!
SS - 4/5

Day 9 - Deeds Double Lamington Imperial Brown Ale
8.5% ABV - N/A IBU
Slightly jammy raspberry, the coconut flavour is present but not overbearing, and chocolatey imperial brown. From that description, you are probably confused. But it's a liquid lamington - enough said, and its an excellent piece of work
SS - 4.5/5

Day 10 - Boatrocker Holy Diver Red IPA
6.7% ABV - N/A IBU
Pretty much as labeled, the great colour needed more oomph... in flavour. Reds, IPA's, and Porters are my jam, so please don't be disappointed.
SS - 3/5

Day 11 - Ocho Happy Place
3.5% ABV - 25 IBU
Light refreshing floral - low on ABV. For a good summer session!
Think Happy Place on a tropical island - #fuckyoucovid
SS - 3/5

Day 12 - Slow lane brewing - Before Dawn Munich Dunkel Dark Lager
4.6% ABV - N/A IBU
Caramel, bready, citrus, earthy, herbal, and spicy. Let's use some more descriptors. Usually hate lagers, but a Dunkel Dark Lager will Do. Alliteration to its finest
SS  3.5/5

Day 13- Ekim Brewing Co. Das ist pilsner
4.7% ABV - N/A IBU
Pilsner is not my style but considering the dryness, which I don't like, is not too bad. Kudos for use of a Viking Helmet too!
SS - 2/5

Day 14 - Jetty Road Milk Choc Stout
4.8% ABV - N/A IBU
Yum. Jetty Rd never disappoints. Well-rounded balanced milk stout with chocolate flavours coming through straight away. *Always (GOOD) Beer
SS - 3.5/5

Day 15 - Bridge Road Brewers Passionfruit Sour
4.3% ABV - N/A IBU
Plenty of passion fruit has shown up for this juicy but savoury bomb! Perfectly smashable - next to a pool in summer. #fuckyoucovid
SS - 4/5

Day 16 - Frenchies Oat Cream IPA
6.8% ABV -N/A IBU
Smooth, fruity, creamy, not half bad. Frenchies are yet another microbrewery doing some amazing things!
SS - 4/5

Day 17 - Ballistic Imperial Brown Ale
8.3% ABV - 60 IBU
Very nice imperial brown ale, with a very hidden 8.3%. Easy drinking - Staunch and Solid and quite potentially my pick from this lot.
SS - 4.5/5

Day 18 - Yullis Brews Raff's Papaya Pale Ale
Surprisingly not a lot of papaya taste but still a nice brew.
SS - 3/5

Day 19 - Black Hopsbeer East Coast Haze
4.5% ABV - 25 IBU
Nice, very hoppy pale ale. I've never met a Black Hops I haven't liked.
SS - 3/5

Day 20 - Dainton All Saaz
5.2% ABV - 50 IBU
Big body, bready and malty, but still very sessionable. Dainton as well.... very nice. A bit different for them - however, they are very experimental. Working more often than not.
SS - 3.5/5

Day 21 -  Sunday Road - Over the Bridge Hazy Pale Ale
4.5% ABV - N/A IBU
A very mildly fruity mainly beery pale ale - gives good a good head *say what...
SS - 3/5

Day 22 - Molly Rose Brewing Co. Hug Replacement Hoppy Dark ale
5.6% ABV - N/A IBU
What a lovely dark ale this is - like receiving a big bear hug when you need it most. Very nice indeed - it's filling, warming, and just pure love and joy!
SS - 4/5

Day 23 - White Bay Beer Co. Burst Tropical Fruity Kettle Sour
6.5% ABV - N/A IBU
Tropical fruit juice has an amazing balanced and nice sourness to it. I swapped this to Day 24 - but shhh...
SS - 3/5

Day 24 - Hop Nation Ume Plum IPL
6% ABV - N/A IBU
Subtle plum aromas, that are very subtle on the palate. The dry-hopping and extra ABV come through well, however, it just misses the beer's own brief on flavour which is a shame. I swapped this to Day 23 to coincide with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony - as a toast to Ume Plums all around.
SS - 4/5

Day 25 - Hawkers Bake Sale Barrel-Aged Imperial Pastry Stout
9.9% ABV - N/A IBU
Because subtlety is for suckers, this beer has massive raspberry, massive choc, and massive whisky flavours. A fantastic end to the beer cartel calendar - everything you would expect from an Imperial Pastry Stout.
SS - 4.5/5